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Targeted Emails 

With ASHRM-targeted emails, which have a 30% average open rate, your company provides the HTML file that ASHRM will send on your behalf to more than 8,000 opt-in member subscribers. This opportunity is limited to one advertiser per month.  

Issue Months & Net Rates:

  •  November through August: $3,000/email
  • September and October: $3,500/email*

*Pre or post-Annual Conference email

To learn more about targeted email ad requirements, click on the expand button to the right. 

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Targeted Emails Ad Requirements

  • Targeted emails must follow ASHRM Guidelines and content is subject to review and approval. ASHRM also provides simple templated email solutions for organizations unable to meet technical email design guidelines.
  • No Javascript, tokens and other customized instance-specific code generated by marketing platforms.
  • Submit materials by the 20th of the month prior to run date.

Podcast Sponsorship 

$3,000 | 1,100+ Downloads per month

ASHRM Podcasts, which average over 1,100 downloads a month, is a quick-moving program with a conversational tone and one-on-one interviews promoted to all 5,800+ members and offered to all individuals, including to download on popular platforms such as Spotify, Apple Podcast, and iHeart Radio.

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Additional Podcast Benefits

As a podcast sponsor, your speaker(s) or subject matter expert(s) will be interviewed on a topic of your choosing. You’ll also have an opportunity to frame the discussion by submitting questions ahead of time. 

For additional exposure, the podcast episode will be promoted in select ASHRM marketing channels, including social media, eNews, and A link to the podcast will also be provided for your follow-up marketing efforts.

Live Webinars

$5,000 | 350+ Average Registrants

Capture leads and position your organization as a thought leader by hosting a live webinar on ASHRM’s platform. Content must be educational and is subject to ASHRM approval.
To learn more about Live Webinars, including the available benefits, click the expand button to the right.

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LIve Webinar Benefits:


  • Logo recognition on all promotions, including social media, eNews*, and ASHRM website

During webinar 

  • 60-minute time slot (45-minute session and 15-minute Q&A)


  • Access to the list of attendee information, including names and email addresses
  • Performance metrics
  • Webinar available on-demand on ASHRM’s website for 12 months

Pre-Recorded Webinars

Live Webinars: $5,000

Already have webinar content of your own? Add your recording to ASHRM’s On-Demand Library and make it available to the entire ASHRM audience.
To learn more about Pre-Recorded Webinars, including the available benefits, click the expand button to the right.

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Pre-recorded Webinar Benefits:

  • Promotion to ASHRM members
  • Option to offer CECs for an additional fee ($3,200)*
  • Qualifies for promotion in e-News

*CEC application is required at least 4 weeks prior to posting the webinar. 

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